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18ct yellow gold rings from the Anamnesis Collection by Fiona Fitzgerald Jewellery scattered on limestone


Tracking experiences of trauma, passage and release, Fiona Fitzgerald is a Melbourne based jeweller whose practice explores the nature of once splintered facets. Borne from past life memories and experiences gained as an energetic healer each piece represents a direct dialogue with points in time where healing took place, symbolising the processes taken in both making whole and way for the new.


Fertile Crescent Earrings by Fiona Fitzgerald Jewellery on sandstone background


“I’m interested in jewellery’s role as an observer, timekeeper and archivist for it’s maker and ultimately it’s wearer. When I create a new piece, the way I approach making is forever changed. Pain is a temperate teacher where passion might fire wildly, in that tension between joy and restraint the makers hand is always archived. Even still it’s intended that this should recede, ultimately making space for the canvas of someone else’s transformation and stories.”    


Ekur's Heart, City at Great Confluence, and Granary Rings from the Anamnesis Collection by Fiona Fitzgerald Jewellery stacked on limestone


“Alongside traditional hand fabrication I utilise a mixture of ancient techniques such as filigree, granulation, and lost wax casting to create textures mimicking memories calling down a line, tracing the force of life like a river, root, road, or vein. Way-markers along a flow of knowledge, a shared experience. Working predominantly in high carat golds, sterling, fine silver and gemstones, each piece is designed and handmade by me in my Melbourne studio.”


In 2018 Fiona completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design with high distinctions, and received the e.g.etal gallery mentorship award. In 2019 she received the Design Institute of Australia’s Vic/Tas Graduate of the Year Commendation Award for Jewellery and was selected as a finalist in Craft Victoria’s Victorian Craft Awards.


Detail of granulation and filigree on Sulis Earrings in fine silver and sterling silver by Fiona Fitzgerald Jewellery photographed on sand