About Fiona Fitzgerald JewelleryBorne from past life memories and experiences gained as an energetic healer, Fiona Fitzgerald is a Melbourne based jeweller whose work explores the nature of once splintered facets.

Seeking to restore lightness and counterbalance the often solemn nature of her healing practice, each piece handmade in her studio represents a direct dialogue with points in time where healing took place; tracking these experiences in acknowledgement of their story, and symbolising the processes taken in both making whole and way for the new.

In opposition to the sentimentality often associated with jewellery, Fiona's work is created to respect passage and release.

"I'm interested in the elaborate, transformative and storytelling qualities of jewellery, it's weight as an observer, companion and almost epibiont in the life of it's wearer."

Upon attainment of an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic with high distinctions in 2018, Fiona received the e.g.etal Gallery mentorship award.